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Social capital and local development

Essential readings

Putnam, R. (1993). Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy

Why do some democratic governments succeed and others fail? In a book that has received attention...

Sabatini, F. (2008). Social Capital and the Quality of Economic Development. Kyklos 61 (3), 466-499

There is a surprising gap in the economic literature on social capital. First, we lack studies...

Important readings

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Reading list archive

Guiso, L. Sapienza, P., Zingales, L. (2009). Cultural biases in Economic Exchange? Quarterly Journal of Economics 124 (3): 1095-1131.

How much do cultural biases affect economic exchange? We answer this question by using data on...

Guiso, L., Sapienza, P., Zingales, L. (2016). Long term persistence. Journal of the European Economic Association 14-6, 1401–1436

We study whether a positive historical shock can generate long-term persistence in development. We...

Sabatini, F. (2009). Il capitale sociale nelle regioni italiane: un’analisi comparata. Rivista di Politica Economica 99 (2), 167-220

Questo saggio contribuisce alla letteratura mediante una valutazione critica della ricerca empirica...

Vitale, T. (2003). Conflicts and normative production: a pragmatic approach. University of Milan, PhD Thesis

Tommaso Vitale PhD Programme in Sociology - Università degli Studi di Milano Supervisors...

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