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Società civile e CS

Archivio della reading list

Degli Antoni, G. (2009). Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivations to Volunteer and Social Capital Formation. Kyklos 63 (3), 359–370

Although intrinsic motivations receive increasing attention in explaining human actions, our...

Dessì, R., Piccolo, S. (2016). Merchant guilds, taxation and social capital. European Economic Review 83: 90-110

We develop a theory of the emergence of merchant guilds as an efficient mechanism to foster...

Encarnaciòn, O. G. (2003). The Myth of Civil Society Social Capital and Democratic Consolidation in Spain and Brazil. Houndmills: Palgrave

Almost irrespective of the geographic setting, the debate about the future of democracy in post-...

Ermisch, J., Gambetta, D. (2011). Do strong family ties inhibit trust? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 75: 365–376.

We provide direct evidence that people with strong family ties have a lower level of trust in...

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