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Snijders, Tom

Tom Snijders is Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences at the University of Oxford,
and Professor of Methodology and Statistics in the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen .

In Oxford, I am appointed in the Department of Statistics and the Department of Politics and International Relations and I am a fellow of Nuffield College.

In Groningen, I work in the Department of Sociology and in the ICS (Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology), a research school that is a cooperative activity of the Universities of Groningen, Utrecht, and Nijmegen.

My partner is Lonnie ter Braak (M.D.), our children are Anke, Tineke, and Paul.

 My main research interests are the following:

  • social network analysis (see the web site of INSNA, the International Network of Social Network Analysis );
    I am especially interested in statistical methods for social networks and in network evolution;
    more information is at my social networks page.
  • multilevel analysis (for general information about this topic see the web site of the Multilevel Project );
    a textbook on Multilevel Analysis, written by myself and Roel Bosker, appeared October 1999 at Sage Publishers;
    more information is at my multilevel page.
  • social science statistics in general;
  • mathematical sociology;
  • item response theory.

In my work on methods for social network analysis and multilevel analysis, I am also interested in software development; for Social Network Analysis, this is concentrated around the StOCNET package, for which there is strong collaboration with the software engineering company Science Plus.


University of Oxford, Department of Statistics

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