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Kaplan, Todd R.

Journal publications

  • "Learning Unethical Practices from a Co-worker: The Peer Effect of Jose Canseco," (with Eric Gould). Labour Economics, forthcoming. [PDF]
  • "Asymmetric First-Price Auctions with Uniform Distributions: Analytic Solutions to the General Case," (with Shmuel Zamir) Economic Theory, forthcoming [PDF]
  • "Communication of Preferences in Contests for Contracts," Economic Theory, forthcoming [PDF]
  • "Teaching Bank Runs with Classroom Experiments," (with Dieter Balkenborg and Tim Miller) Journal of Economic Education, forthcoming [PDF]
  • "Influence of aggregation and measurement scale on ranking a compromise alternative in AHP," (with Alessio Ishizaka and Dieter Balkenborg) Journal of the Operational Research Society, forthcoming [PDF]
  • "“Does AHP help us make a choice?-An experimental evaluation," (with Alessio Ishizaka and Dieter Balkenborg) Journal of the Operational Research Society, forthcoming [PDF]
  • "Using Economic Classroom Experiments," (with Dieter Balkenborg) International Review of Economics Education, November 2010, 9(2): 99-106. [PDF]
  • "Vote or Shout," (with Surajeet Chakravarty) The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, September 2010, vol. 10(1). [PDF]
  • "Effective Contests," (with Aner Sela) Economics Letters, January 2010, 106 (1): 38-41. [PDF]
  • "A Laboratory-Based Study of Understanding of Uncertainty in 5-Day Site-Specific Temperature Forecasts," (with Mark Roulston) Meteorological Applications, June 2009 16 (2): 237-244. [PDF]
  • "In Search of Welfare-Improving Gifts," (with Bradley Ruffle) European Economics Review, May 2009 53 (4): 445-460. [PDF]
  • "Optimal Rewards in Contests," (with Aner Sela and Chen Cohen) RAND Journal of Economics, Summer 2008 39 (2), 434-451. [PDF]
  • "Caps on Political Lobbying: Comment," (with David Wettstein) American Economic Review, 2006, 96, pages 1351-1354 [PDF]
  • "Why Banks Should Keep Secrets," Economic Theory , February 2006 27, 341-357 [PDF]
  • "Dividing the Indivisible: Procedures for Allocating Cabinet Ministries to Political Parties in a Parliamentary," Journal of Theoretical Politics (with Steven Brams), 2004 16 (2):143-173. [PDF]
  • "The Self-Serving Biases and Beliefs about Rationality," Economic Inquiry (with Bradley Ruffle), April 2004 42 (2):237-246. [PDF]
  • "Innovative Activity with Sunk Cost," (with David Wettstein and Israel Luski) International Journal of Industrial Organization , October 2003 21: 1111-1133 [PDF]
  • "Government Policy towards Multi-National Corporations," Economics Bulletin, (with Israel Luski and David Wettstein) May 2003 6 (3): 1-8. [PDF]
  • "All-Pay Auctions with Variable Rewards" (with Luski, Sela, Wettstein) Journal of Industrial Economics, December 2002 L (4): 417-430 [PDF]
  • "Effective Price-Matching" International Journal of Industrial Organization, December 2000. [PDF]
  • "Surplus Sharing with a Two-Stage Mechanism" (with David Wettstein). International Economic Review, May 2000 41(2):399-409. [PDF]
  • "The Possibility of Mixed-Strategy Equilibria with Constant-Returns-to-Scale Technology under Bertrand Competition" (with David Wettstein). Spanish Economic Review, March 2000 2(1):65-71. [PDF]
  • "Cost Sharing: Efficiency and Implementation" (with David Wettstein). Journal of Mathematical Economics, December 1999 32(4):489-502. [PDF]
  • "Self-Serving Bias [Comment]" (with Bradley Ruffle). Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 1998 12(2):243-244. [Extended version PDF]
  • "A Program for Finding Nash Equilibria" (with John Dickhaut). The Mathematica Journal, Fall 1992 1(4):87-93. [PDF] [Program] [Updated for 3 players] [Mathematica Demonstrations (cool!)]

Working papers

  • The Strategic Use of Seller Information in Private-Value Auctions (with Shmuel Zamir). [PDF]
  • Revenue Effects of Asymmetry in Auctions (with Shmuel Zamir) [PDF]
  • Delegated Job Design (with Hans Hvide) [PDF]
  • Auctions with Private Entry Costs (with Aner Sela) [PDF]


University of Haifa, Department of Economics


Ruffle, Bradley J.

Selected publications Kaplan, Todd R. and Bradley J. Ruffle (forthcoming) “Which Way...

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