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Harriss, John

Areas of Interest
• India
• South Asia in general

Research and Teaching

Political economy of development; Indian politics; political participation and civil society in India; social policy in India and other ‘emerging economies’; institutional theories; agrarian change (especially in South India)

Lower Division teaching:
Introduction to International Studies

Upper Division:
Core Texts in International Studies
Global Problems in Interdisciplinary Perspective
Nationalism, Democracy and development in Modern India

Institutions, Policies and Development
State Building and State Failure


2010 Globalization and Labour in China and India: Impacts and Responses (editor, with Paul Bowles). London: Palgrave MacMillan

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2004 Politicising Democracy: Local Politics and Democratisation in Developing Countries (editor, with Kristian Stokke and Olle Tornquist). London: Palgrave Macmillan (also published in Bahasa Indonesia as Politasi Demokrasi: Politik Lokal Baru. Jakarta: Lembaga Kajian Demokrasi dan Hak Asasi

2001 Depoliticizing Development: the World Bank and Social Capital. New Delhi: LeftWord and London: Anthem Press

2000 Reinventing India: Economic Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy (with Stuart Corbridge). Cambridge: Polity Press

1999 Managing Development: Understanding Inter-Organisational Relationships. London: Sage Publications and the Open University (edited, with Tom Hewitt and Dorcas Robinson)

1995 The New Institutional Economics and Third World Development London: Routledge (edited, and with an introduction, with Janet Hunter and Colin Lewis)

1995 The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention London: Pinter (edited, and author of a substantial introduction)

1990 (with K P Kannan and G Rodgers) Urban Labour Market Structure and Job Access in India: a study of Coimbatore (International Institute of Labour Studies, Geneva)

1989 Sociology of `Developing Societies': South Asia London: Macmillan (with Hamza Alavi)

1982 Rural Development: Theories of Peasant Economy and Agrarian Change. London: Hutchinson

1982 Capitalism and Peasant Farming; Agrarian change and Ideology in Northern Tamil Nadu. Oxford University Press

Journal Articles

2010 Land, Labour and Caste Politics in Rural Tamil Nadu in the 20th Century: Iruvelpattu (1916-2008), Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.45, No.31 (with J.Jeyaranjan and K.Nagaraj)

2009 Drivers of Development Over the Next Thirty Years: Some Speculations, Journal of International Development , 21, 772-775

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2009 (with Neha Kohli) Notes on the Differing 'States' of Child Undernutrition in Rural India. IDS Bulletin Vol 40, no 4 pp 9-15

2007 Antinomies of Empowerment Economic and Political Weekly, June 30

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2005 How and why does culture matter? [review article] Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XL No 2, pps 113-11

Book Chapters

2010 ‘Class and Politics’, in, Niraja Gopal Jayal and Pratap Bhanu Mehta,(Eds), The Oxford Companion to Indian Politics. Delhi: Oxford University Press

2010 ‘Political Change, Political Structure and the Indian State since Independence’, in Paul Brass (Ed) The Handbook of South Asian Politics. London and New York: Routledge

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2005 (with C J Fuller) Globalizing Hinduism: the ‘Traditional’ Teaching of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Modern Business in Chennai, in J Assayag and C J Fuller (eds), Globalizing India: Perspectives from Below. London: Anthem Press


Simon Fraser University, School for International Studies

Established in 2007, the School for International Studies is located in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It is one of very few centres in Canada offering interdisciplinary research and teaching on international affairs. Drawing from the disciplines of Economics, Comparative Politics and...

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