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Gradstein, Mark

Selected recent articles

  • "Is The World Flat? Country Level And Firm Level Determinats Of Law Compliance", Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, forthcoming. [PDF]
  • "Intstitutional Traps and Economic Growth", International Economic Review, forthcoming.
  • "Inequality and Informality", 2007, Journal of Public Economics, 91, 159-180 (with A. Chong).
  • "Inequality and Institutions", 2007, Review of Economics and Statistics, 89, 454-465 (with A. Chong).
  • "Inequality, Democracy, and the Protection of Property Rights", 2007, Economic Journal, 117, 252-269.
  • "The Melting Pot and School Choice", Journal of Public Economics, 89(2005), 871-896, with M. Justman.
  • "Political Bargaining in a Federation: Buchanan meets Coase", European Economic Review, 48(2004), 983-999.
  • "Governance and Growth", Journal of Development Economics, 73(2004), 505-518.
  • "Aging Population and Education Finance", Journal of Public Economics, 88(2004), 2469-2485, with M. Kaganovich.
  • "Education, Social Cohesion, and Economic Growth", American Economic Review, 92(2002), 1192-1204, with M. Justman.
  • "An Economic Rationale for Public Education: The Value of Commitment", Journal of Monetary Economics, 45(2000), 463-474.



Ben Gurion University, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, with 25 full-time faculty members actively engaged in research, teaches around 1000 students in programs leading to BA, MA and PhD degrees in economics. Undergraduate studies in economics can be combined with programs in business administration, accounting, and computer...


Justman, Moshe

Research Interests Politcal economy of growth, inequality and education.Analytical models of...

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