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Doyle, Orla

Dr. Orla Doyle is a senior researcher at the Centre for Human Development and Public Policy in the UCD Geary Institute. She received her Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin in 2005 and holds a B.A. in economics and political science (TCD). Her research interests include applied microeconometrics, empirical labour economics, family economics, voting behaviour and evaluation methods.

Selected Publications & Working Papers

Denny, K. and Doyle, O.  "Political Interest, Cognitive Ability and Personality: Determinants of Voter Turnout in Britain", Forthcoming at British Journal of Political Science.

Denny, K. and Doyle, O. "Take up thy Bed, and Vote" Measuring the Relationship between Voting Behaviour and Indicators of Health". Forthcoming at European Journal of Public Health.

Doyle, O. and Walsh, P. "Did Political Constraints bind during Transition? Evidence from Czech Elections 1990-2002",  Forthcoming at Economics of Transition.

Doyle, O., Harmon, C., Heckman, J.J., and Tremblay, R. "Early Childhood Intervention: Rationale, Timing, and Efficacy."  UCD Geary Discussion Paper 2007/05. 

Doyle, O. and Fidrmuc J. (2006) "Who is in Favour of Enlargement? Determinants of Support for EU Membership in Candidate Countries' Referenda." European Journal of Political Economy, 22: 520-543. 

Denny, K. and Doyle, O. (2006) "Measuring the Relationship Between Health and Voting Behaviour in Ireland". UCD Geary Discussion Paper 2006/10.  

Denny, K. and Doyle, O. (2005) "Does Voting History Matter: Analysing Persistence in Turnout". UCD Geary Discussion Paper 2005/13; Centre for Economic Research, Working Paper Series WP06/07, University College Dublin.  

Denny, K. and Doyle, O. (2005) "Returns to Basic Skills in Central and Eastern Europe: A Semi-Parametric Approach", Centre For Economic Research, Working Paper Series WP05/07, University College Dublin.  

Doyle, O., Harmon, C. and Walker, I. (2005), "The Impact of Parental Income and Education on the Health of their Children", IZA Discussion Paper No.  1832, Nov (2005). 

Doyle, O. and Fidrmuc, J. (2004) "Voice of the Diaspora: An Analysis of Migrant Voting Behaviour". William Davidson Institute (WDI) Working Paper No. 714, July 2004. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 4619.

Doyle, O. and Fidrmuc, J. (2003) "Anatomy of Voting Behaviour and Attitudes during Post-Communist Transition: Czech Republic 1990-98," In: Nauro Campos and Jan Fidrmuc (eds.), Political Economy of Transition and Development: Institutions, Politics and Policies. ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht/London.  CEPR Discussion Paper No. 3801 (February 2003).


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