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Cardon, Dominique

Dominique Cardon is a sociologist working in France Télécom R&D’s Usage Laboratory and associated researcher at the Centre for Research on Social Movements at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences sociales (CEMS/EHESS).

His research focuses on relations between use of new technologies and cultural and media activities. If new technology can contribute to the transformation of social relationships between individuals, it is also possible to modify the public arena, the media, and the way in which information is produced. The interconnection between socialibility and the public arena is the starting point for various studies relating to cultural practices, alternative media, and “interactive” television programmes. He is particularly interested in the use of new technologies by international militants in the alterglobalization movement.



Social Science Research Council, The Media Research Hub

The Media Research Hub is part of the SSRC's Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere program, which works to ensure that debates about media and communications technologies are shaped by high-quality research and a rich understanding of the public interest. The program is...

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