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Stern, M., Adams, A. (2010). Do Rural Residents Really Use the Internet to Build Social Capital? An Empirical Investigation. American Behavioral Scientist 53 (9) 1389-1422.

Recent research suggests that Internet usage can positively influence social capital in rural communities by fostering avenues for voluntary participation and creating social networks. Most of this research has examined whether Internet use is associated with participation in local organizations and social networks but not the means by which residents use the technology to learn about local activities. To address this gap in the literature, the authors use a mixed-methods approach in an isolated rural region of the western United States to evaluate how residents use their connections to maintain local social networks and learn about local community events and organizations. The authors show that Internet usage can play an important role in building social capital in rural communities, thus extending the systemic model of rural voluntary participation and community attachment. Implications for rural community development are addressed.


Stern, Mike

Adams, Alison E.

The overall goal of the work in my lab is to use yeast to study problems in cell biology and cancer. Previous work has focused on the use of genetics to understand cytoskeletal structure and function. More recently, we have started using yeast to understand how environmental exposure and genetic...

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