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Small, M. L. (2002). Culture, Cohorts, and Social Organization Theory: Understanding Local Participation in a Latino Housing Project. American Journal of Sociology 108(1):1-54.

Recent work on neighborhood effects has rekindled interest in social organization theory and its relationship to local social capital. This article addresses several gaps in our knowledge about the mechanisms linking structural conditions to social (dis)organization and the role of culture in this process. Relying on the case of a predominantly Puerto Rican housing project in Boston, it investigates changes in one aspect of social organization—participation in local
community activities—suggesting the theory should incorporate the role of cohorts and cultural frames and rethink the relationship among structure,  culture, and change.


Small, Mario Luis

Mario L. Small, Ph.D., 2001, Harvard University, has been at the University of Chicago since 2006. A recipient of the C. Wright Mills Best Book Award (2005 and 2010), the Robert Park Best Book Award (2005), the Jane Addams Best Article Award (2004), and numerous other honors, he has published books...

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