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Warsaw School of Economics, Institute of Econometrics

The Institute of Econometrics is one of the largest research units of the Warsaw School of Economics. Research, both basic and applied, is conducted in the field of applications of mathematical, econometric and statistical methods for analysis of economic processes and phenomena. Our researchers' main fields of expertise are the following:

  • theory of econometrics,
  • applied econometrics,
  • theory and applications of decision analysis,
  • probabilistic models of operations research,
  • financial and actuarial mathematics,
  • mathematical economics,
  • mathematical statistics.

Teaching programs for basic mathematics and econometrics courses are designed and supervised by employees of the Institute. We also offer more than 100 advanced courses: lectures, discussions, computer lab classes, bachelors' and masters' seminars for Quantitative Methods and Information Systems majors and other students. Many of the courses offered, as well as preparation of all theses, are individually supervised.

Quantitative Methods and Information Systems majors are prepared for employment in industry as well as for advanced research. They can choose among theoretical courses encompassing all quantitative fields of research considered essential for education of a modern economist.

Other students are often interested in courses concerning specific methods of econometric modeling, time series smoothing and prediction, applying decision analysis in management, financial mathematics, and actuarial statistics.

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