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University of Surrey, Centre for International Macroeconomic Studies

The Centre for International Macroeconomic Studies (CIMS) led by Dr Cristiano Cantore, Dr Vasco Gabriel and Professor Paul Levine has, over the last five years, grown out of a very active macroeconomics group in the School of Economics at the University of Surrey. Its research focuses on closed and open-economy macro-modelling in both developed and emerging economies, using a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) approach. We are estimating and using such models to explore a range of monetary, fiscal and banking regulation policy issues.

We are particularly well-placed to engage with the policy debate that has emerged on how, in an interdependent world, monetary and fiscal policy, alongside new banking regulations and monetary instruments, should be designed to support low inflation, financial stability and growth. Our research has attracted several grants from public funding bodies and has established an international network of collaborators in Central Banks and Universities.

CIMS is currently pursuing a number of research projects that build on current work and comparative advantage and will make a significant contribution to macroeconomic modelling and policy analysis.

These include:

In addition to this research agenda we provide training courses on DSGE modelling. The objective of these courses will be to provide a deeper framework and knowledge on how to understand, formulate, solve simulate, and estimate advanced DSGE model and use them to conduct policy analysis.

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