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University of Limerick, Kemmy Business School

The Kemmy Business School (KBS) is a dynamic and innovative business school with a reputation, established over 30 years, for providing a first class business education that prepares graduates for successful and rewarding careers in a variety of business disciplines and professions.

The School was named in 2003 after the late Jim Kemmy, local historian and politician, former Alderman and Mayor of the City of Limerick.  Jim was a quintessentially Limerick person, dedicated to improving the lot of his fellow citizens, champion of the underclass and a man with high principles.  He believed in the value of education and placed a strong emphasis on continuing education and education for employees.  He was a member of the Labour Party during his later political career and was prepared to stand by his principles, even if it required taking unpopular decisions.

The Kemmy Business School's mission and vision focuses on serving both the needs of business and the wider community.  This is consistent with the emphasis that Jim Kemmy placed on education as a means to enhance the economy, reduce emigration and improve the employability of workers.


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