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University of Cassino, CREAM Economics Center (Centro di Analisi Economica CREAtività e Motivazioni)

CreaM is an economic centre for theoretical and applied research. Its focus is on the economic and extra-economic motivations of choices, with particular reference to those choices that are linked to the consumption and production of creative goods and activities. The Centre is at Cassino University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economic Sciences.

The Centre develops interpretative models and provides empirical support for the study of different topics such as:

  • Consumption of creative and cultural activities and goods;
  • Entrepreneurship: preference formation and measures of entrepreneurial human capital;
  • Labour choices: self-identity and motivations;
  • Time use: relationship between leisure, consumption, and labour;
  • Relationship between income and well-being;
  • Policy implications: tax policies, education, urban development.

The Centre is engaged in the following activities:

  • establishing relationships of scientific and teaching cooperation with other Italian and foreign Universities, scientific institutions, cultural and research centre;
  • organizing conferences and seminars;
  • coordinating national and international scientific research;
  • producing and diffusing scientific publication;
  • offering consulting services and research data to private and public institution;

Particular attention will be devoted to collaboration with local firms and institutions. Empirical research and data collection on education systems and labor markets will be realized in collaboration with the University of Cassino.

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