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Institute for Complexity Sciences Lisbon

The Institute for Complexity Sciences supports research in Complexity domains, promoting knowledge in interdisciplinary subjects and applying scientific methodologies to socially relevant problems.

ICC goals:

a) Promote interdisciplinary collaboration in scientific domains where the notion of complexity has an essential role, such as :  

--- Net structure and dynamics;

--- Languages, computation and system simulation;

--- Socio-economic system dynamics;

--- Natural computation and new computational techniques;

--- Auto-organization: organisms and aggregates;

--- Management and development of resources;

b) Support the development of a common language between mathematicians, physicians, economists, sociologists, biologists, linguists and computation scientists, as well as to maintain a forum, opened to researchers in the above domains, allowing crossed fertilization of their disciplines;

c) Provide services to the community;

d) Cooperate with public and private entities, concerning mutual interests in the domain of research, education and services to community;

e) Promote contacts and cooperation with foreign universities and research centers and international entities;

f) Organize advanced education courses;

To attain its goals, ICC must develop the following activities:

a ) Research projects;

b) Seminars, conferences and similar activities;

c) Publications;

d) Advanced education courses and research direction.

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