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Econometica - Inter-University Center for Economic Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

EconomEtica is a inter-university center for economic ethics and corporate social responsibility, located at the Milano-Bicocca University and connected to its Department of Sociology.

EconomEtica is a stable and organized form of cooperation among over 25 Italian Universities. It engages in academic education, basic and applied research, and the dissemination of ideas for the development and implementation of operational models and tools useful for the ethical improvement of companies’ governance, organizations and economic institutions. EconomEtica is not a virtual net nor simply an agreement among universities. EconomEtica is a research centre endowed with an operative structure to which belong prominent scholars and young researchers. Its board, the scientific committee and working teams comprise professors and researchers from numerous Italian universities who have been involved for many years in research on subjects related to economic ethics and CSR.

EconomEtica goes beyond the academic world. From its beginnings EconomEtica has been based on cooperation among universities, civil society and the business world. In fact EconomEtica was started as a project supported by Fondazione Italiana Accenture (FIA). Moreover, EconomEtica hosts a multi-stakeholder forum in which participate individuals, groups, associations, organizations and institutions with different points of view and representing various interests and claims in the public debate on economic ethics and CSR.

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