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Deshkal Society

Deshkal Society was founded by educationists, journalists, young researchers and social activists in 1995. It initially aimed at publishing a Hindi magazine with an objective to help formation of a liberal and thinking society, which constantly makes use of the tools of information, thoughts and logics.

Presently, Deshkal Society is involved in understanding, documenting and disseminating the fundamental problems of economic and cultural levels. Deshkal also tries to enhance the capacity of a community by ensuring their partnership in the knowledge-based activism. Further we give special emphasis on building a network of NGOs, local groups and institutions….. In addition, it has been our primary concern to place these activities in the mainstream discourse. To meet these ends, we have framed/ devised our strategy in such a manner that we can influence emerging issues of the ground level being considered by policy-makers, bureaucrats, developmental agencies and media personality at the national level. This process has been a two-way dialogue between national and local levels in which both can raise queries and issues on an equal footing. We thus try to ensure that we prepare a long-term planning to bring about a substantial change among them.

To facilitate this process, we conduct research, documentation, training and advocacy. Deshkal Society resorts to different means of communication to successfully launch campaigns. These include seminars/ conferences, bulletin, and magazine and book publication apart from documentary films and photo documentation.


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