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PhD Programme
PhD Program in Economics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan



The present document (hereby referred to as CALL) gives information regarding the PhD Program in Economics. It is based on DECRETO RETTORALE N. 6165 (hereby referred to as DR), which has been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Journal) by the Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore on July 31st, 2009, and can be also viewed at http://www.unicatt.it/dottorati , both in Italian and in English (CHANCELLOR’S DECREE N. 6145). The CALL is in general a shortened, but in some respects also an extended version of the DR. It is specifically tailored to the requirements of the PhD in Economics, while the DR refers to all doctorate programs at the Universita’ Cattolica.
The CALL is exhaustive to the extent that all necessary information for a successful application to the PhD Program in Economics can be found therein. For further assistance you may write to [email protected] .

Please follow the link to download the public announcement and the Call for applications ("Bando").


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