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Stolle, Dietlind

Dietlind Stolle is Associate Professor in Political Science at McGill University, Montréal, Canada. She conducts research and has published on voluntary associations, trust, institutional foundations of social capital, ethnic-racial diversity and its consequences on social cohesion, and various forms of political participation. She is also the co-principal investigator of the unique longitudinal Comparative Youth Survey (CYS) as well as associate director of the US Citizenship, Involvement and Democracy (CID) survey. Stolle has also co-edited a book on social capital and one on political consumerism. She was guest professor at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin and the NCCR at the University of Zürich. For more information on Prof. Stolle's work, see her Home Page.


Comparative Politics, European Politics, Social capital and Political Culture, New Forms of Political Participation, Women and Politics. Welfare State Regimes and Globalization. Research Design and Methods.

Research Interests

Research on social capital and political culture. Political and Social attitudes and behaviors. Institutional foundations of social capital. The study of generalized and political trust. Political and social participation, particularly new forms of political participation. The Study of Youth and Adolescents. Attitudes toward democracy in comparative perspective. Political consumerism. Internet Activism. Value change. Gender and politics. Welfare state regimes and globalization.

Current Projects

The Political and Social Role of Families and Schools in the Creation of Generalized Trust . Research in completion phase funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, NY. (2000 - 04).

Political Consumption: Politics in a New Era and Arena . Co-investigator with Michele Micheletti, University of Karlstad. Funded by the The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). Research in progress. (2003-2005).

  1. Political Consumerism-a form of political participation , cross-national pilot study and national survey in Sweden by the SOM Institute
  2. Forwarding Justice , project on how the internet mobilizes political action. See related workshop at ECPR Joint Sessions in Uppsala (with Marc Hooghe).

Social Capital: An Institutional Account , various research projects with Bo Rothstein, University of Göteborg and Eckhard Priller, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. See preliminary paper with Bo Rothstein, Goeteborg University.

Citizenship on Trial: mobilization and socialization of young citizens . Research projects, early phase funded by Fond québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture. (2003-06) and by the Social Science Research Council Canada (2004-2007).

  1. Bridging Differences: The roots of civic values and behavior: a longitudinal study (in preparation with Madeleine Gauthier (INRS),Marc Hooghe, and Allison Harell, Valérie-Anne Maheo and Kim Daniel. See related workshop organized by Dietlind Stolle and Marc Hooghe at: http://www.youthconference.mcgill.ca/.
  2. Youth Civic Engagement in Canada: Implications for Public Policy. Report for Policy Research Initiative (with Cesi Cruz).
  3. What moves first-time voters? A field experiment (in preparation).

Boosting Women's Political Resources: The Power of Women's Social Networks , funded by Status of Women Canada's Policy Research Fund (with Elisabeth Gidengil).

Chronicle of a War Foretold: A Comparative Study of Media Framing in Television News Broadcasts in Preparation to the War in Iraq (March 2003), research project (with Marc Hooghe).

Selected Bibliography (only 2003-2005)

See a complete list at Dietlind Stolle's Homepage.


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