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Ruffle, Bradley J.

Selected publications

  • Kaplan, Todd R. and Bradley J. Ruffle (forthcoming) “Which Way to Cooperate?” Economic Journal. [Article]
  • Kaplan, Todd R. and Bradley J. Ruffle (2009) "In search of welfare-improving gifts," European Economic Review, 53, 445-460. [Article]
  • Normann, Hans-Theo, Bradley J. Ruffle and Christopher M. Snyder (2007) "Do Buyer-Size Discounts Depend on the Curvature of the Surplus Function? Experimental Tests of Bargaining Models", RAND Journal of Economics, 38:3, 747-767. [Article]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. and Richard Sosis (2007) "Does it Pay to Pray? Costly Ritual and Cooperation," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 7: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 18. [Article]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. and Ze'ev Shtudiner (2006) "99: Are Retailers Best Responding to Rational Consumers? Experimental Evidence," Managerial and Decision Economics, 27:6, 459-475. [Article],  [Discussion of Future Research].
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. and Richard Sosis (2006) "Cooperation and the In-Group-Out-Group Bias: A Field Test on Israeli Kibbutz Members and City Residents," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 60:2, 147-163. [Article]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. (2005) "Tax and Subsidy Incidence Equivalence Theories: Experimental Evidence from Competitive Markets," Journal of Public Economics, 89:8, 1519-1542. [Article]
  • Sosis, Richard and Bradley J. Ruffle (2004) “Reply: Religious Ritual and Cooperation," Current Anthropology, 45:4, 529-530.
  • Sosis, Richard and Bradley J. Ruffle (2004) "Ideology, Religion and the Evolution of Cooperation: Field Experiments on Israeli Kibbutzim," Research in Economic Anthropology, 23, 89-117.
  • Kaplan, Todd R. and Bradley J. Ruffle (2004) "The Self-Serving Bias and Beliefs about Rationality," Economic Inquiry, 42:2, 237-246. [Article]
  • Sosis, Richard H. and Bradley J. Ruffle (2003) “Religious Ritual and Cooperation: Testing for a Relationship on Israeli Religious and Secular Kibbutzim," Current Anthropology, 44:5, 713-722. [Article]
  • Tykocinski, Orit E. and Bradley J. Ruffle (2003) "Reasonable Reasons for Waiting," Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 16, 1-11. [Article]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. (2003) "Competitive Equilibrium and Classroom Pit-Market Experiments," Journal of Economic Education, 34:2, 123-137. [Article],  [Accompanying Materials]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. (2000) "Some Factors Affecting Demand Withholding in Posted-Offer Markets," Economic Theory, 16:3, 529-544. [Article],  [Uncut Version]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. and Orit Tykocinski (March 2000) "The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Comment," American Economic Review, 90:1, 319-324. [Article],  [Unpublished Version],  [Appendices].
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. (1999) "Gift Giving with Emotions," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 39:4, 399-420. [Article]
  • Ruffle, Bradley J. (1998) "More Is Better, But Fair Is Fair: Tipping in Dictator and Ultimatum Games," Games and Economic Behavior, 23, 247-265. [Article]
  • Kaplan, Todd and Bradley Ruffle (Spring 1998) "Self-Serving Bias [Comment]," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 12:2, 243-244. [Article]

Papers under review

  • "Are Good-Looking People more Employable?" with Ze'ev Shtudiner. [Article]
  • "Do religious contexts elicit more trust and altruism? An experiment on Facebook,” with Richard Sosis. [Article]
  • "The Strategies Behind their Actions: A New Method to Infer Repeated-Game Strategies and an Application to Buyer Behavior", with Jim Engle-Warnick. [Article]
  • "Buyer Concentration as a Source of Countervailing Power: Evidence from Experimental Posted-Offer Markets," with Jim Engle-Warnick. [Article]
  • "Are Income and Consumption Taxes Ever Really Equivalent? Evidence from a Real-Effort Experiment," with Tomer Blumkin and Yosef Ganun. [Article]
  • "When Do Large Buyers Pay Less? Experimental Evidence". [Article]



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