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Pugno, Maurizio

Maurizio Pugno (M.Phil. in Economics, Cambridge, UK) is full-time professor in economics (Cassino University). He has recently taught at the Universities of Trento, Bicocca (Milan), and at the S.Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa). His fields of interests at CREAM are behavioural economics and economic psychology. He has recently published papers on the happiness paradox, on the role of the self and of emotions in decision making, on the role of entrepreneurship in economic development. His experience of research is both theoretical and empirical. He has been a local director of research in several interuniversity projects.

Maurizio Pugno's web page (Faculty)

Maurizio Pugno's papers on Ideas


University of Cassino, CREAM Economics Center (Centro di Analisi Economica CREAtività e Motivazioni)

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