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Modena, Francesca

Francesca Modena is Post-doc Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Trento. Her main research interests are Poverty and Development, Household Economics, Well-being and social capital.

Current position

• Research Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Trento.

Past positions

• September - October 2008, Post-doctoral visitor, ISER, University of Essex, UK.

• October – December 2006, Visiting student, Department of Economics, Cornell University, USA.


• April 2008, Ph.D. in Economics and Management, Cifrem, University of Trento, Italy (graduate English taught program).
Thesis title: "Shocks, coping strategies, and their consequences. An application to Indonesian data". Supervisors: Christopher Gilbert and Gabriella Berloffa.

• July 2003, Summa cum laude B.A. in Economics (Laurea in Economia Politica), University of Trento, Italy.
Thesis title: "Differenze nei livelli di sviluppo economico e istruzione" ("Different levels of economic development and education"). Supervisors: Giuseppe Folloni and Gabriella Berloffa.

Journal articles

• Gilbert, C.L., Modena, F. (2012), “Household Responses to Economic and Demographic Shocks: Marginal Logit Analysis using Indonesian Data”, accepted for publication in Journal of Development Studies.

• Berloffa, G., Modena, F. (2012), “Economic well-being in Italy: the role of income insecurity and intergenerational inequality”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, in press  doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2010.12.022.

• Modena, F., Sabatini, F. (2012), “I Would if I Could: Precarious Employment and Childbearing Intentions in Italy”, Review of Economics of the Household, in press DOI: 10.1007/s11150-010-9117-y.

• Modena, F., Folloni, G., Brugnoli, A. (2012), “Beyond GDP: Measuring Multidimensional Economic Well-being for Lombardy”, accepted for publication in Applied Research in Quality of Life.

• Modena, F. (2008), “Shocks, Coping Strategies and Their Consequences: An Application to Indonesian Data”, Abstract of Doctoral Thesis, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 44(3).

Papers submitted to international journals

• Berloffa, G., Modena, F., “Income shocks, Coping Strategies, and Consumption Smoothing. An Application to Indonesian Data”, revise and resubmit to the Journal of Asian Economics.

• Modena, F., Rondinelli, C., “Leaving home and housing costs. The experience of Italian youth emancipation”, Temi di discussione N. 818/11, Bank of Italy. Submitted. (submitted to Journal of Housing Economics).

• Berloffa, G., Modena, F., “Measuring (in)security in the event of unemployment: are we forgetting someone?”. Paper presented at the international conference Iariw-OECD,  Economic Insecurity, Paris, 22-23 Nov 2011. Submitted.

• Modena, F., Rondinelli, C., Sabatini, F., “Economic insecurity and fertility plannings: the case of Italy”. Paper presented at the international conference Iariw-OECD,  Economic Insecurity, Paris, 22-23 Nov 2011. Submitted.

Working papers

• Berloffa, G., Modena, F., Villa, P. (2011), “Inequality of opportunity for young people in Italy: understanding the role of circumstances”, Ecineq WP N. 241.

• Gilbert, C.L., Modena, F. (2009), “The Effects of Risk and Shocks on School Progression in Rural Indonesia”, Discussion Paper No. 679, University of Essex, Department of Economics.

• Modena, F. (2009), “Under the Social Capital Umbrella. Definition and Measurement”, Openloc Working Paper No. 11/2009, http://www.openloc.eu/.

• Brugnoli, A., Folloni, G., Modena, F. (2009), “Multidimensional economic well-being. It is measurable? The case of Lombardy”, Openloc Working Paper No. 10/2009, http://www.openloc.eu/.

• IRER (2009), “Oltre il Pil: nuove misure dello sviluppo”, IReR, Regione Lombardia, Milano (Modena F. is a member of the research group);
Gilbert, C.L., Modena, F. (2007), “Models for non-exclusive multinomial choice, with application to Indonesian rural households”, Discussion Paper No. 24, University of Trento, Department of Economics.

Conferences with presentation

• Iariw-OECD Conference, Economic Insecurity, Paris 22-23 November 2011 (2 papers accepted).

• Economics of the Family, Paris 6-8 October (2 papers accepted).

• Espanet, Innovare il welfare, 29 September-1 October 2011 (session coordinator).

• Ecineq Conference 2011, Fourth meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality, Catania, 18-20 July 2011.

• New Directions in Welfare, OECD Paris, 6-8 July 2011.

• Equality of opportunity: concepts, measures and policy implications, University La Sapienza, Rome, 5-6 May 2011.

• University of Verona, Faculty of Economics, 20 December 2010.

• CIFREM Seminars, 25 November 2010, Trento.

• Lunch seminar, Bank of Italy, 19 October 2010, Rome.

• European Economic Association (EEA) 2010, 23-26 August, Glasgow.

• Summer Workshop 2010 in Development, 30 July - 3 August, Alba di Canazei.

• Economia sociale: il contributo dei giovani economisti, June 11-12 2010, Forlì.

• From GDP to Well-being, December 3-5 2009, Ancona.

• Monitoring Italy 2009: Measuring the Progress of Italian Society, ISAE, June 3-4 2009, Rome.

• First Riccardo Faini Doctoral Conference on Development Economics, September 13-15 2007, University of Milan.

• Workshop of the research group PRIN 2006, June 2007, University of Pavia.

• CIFREM seminar, February 2007.

• Cornell Student Workshop, November 2006, Cornell University.

• Festival of Economics, June 1-4 2006, Trento.

• Financial Crises, Macro Performance and Poverty, IDEC, May 5 2006, Trento.

• A Micro Approach to Poverty Analysis, February 4 -5 2005, Trento.



• 2011-2012, Development Economics, Master in Economics, University of Trento.

Teaching assistant

• 2010-2011, Microeconomics, Doctoral school in Economics and Management, CIFREM, University of Trento.

• 2010, International Economics, Doctoral school in Economics and Management, CIFREM, University of Trento.

• 2009, Seminars on Poverty and Inequality, Doctoral school in Economics and Management, CIFREM, University of Trento.

• Lecture on Household Economics, Doctoral school in Economics and Management, CIFREM, University of Trento.

• 2008, Seminars on Risk and Poverty, Doctoral school in Economics and Management, CIFREM, University of Trento.

• Winter 2007, 2008, Econometrics, University of Trento.

• Fall 2003, 2004 and winter 2006, 2008, Microeconomics, University of Trento.

• Fall 2003, Laboratorio I, University of Trento.

Other professional experience

• 2011, European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse).

• 2008-2009, Construction of the Index of Economic Well-Being for Lombardy, IRER.

• 2004, Analysis of price volatility in the African cotton market, University of Trento and World Bank.

• 2003, American database HRS, University “Ca’Foscari”, Venice, Italy.

Research grants

• 2010-2012, Research project “Capitale umano e capitale sociale: possibili contributi a percorsi multidimensionali di sviluppo”, financed by Fondazione Caritro.

• 2009-2010, Post-doctoral research grant “Capitale territoriale, innovatività e performance economica per il sistema delle regioni europee”, financed by Openloc project “Public policies and local development: innovation policy and its effects on locally embedded global dynamics”.

• 2008, Funded visit to the European Center for Analysis in the Social Science (ECASS), University of Essex, supported by the Access to Research Infrastructures action under the EU Improving Human Potential Programme”.

• 2007-2008, Research grant “Povertà, rischio e sviluppo”, financed by Prin 2006 “Microeconomic shocks and household behaviour”.

• 2004-2007, Doctoral stipend.

Summer schools and courses

• July 2008, Summer school in Development Economics, Alba di Canazei (University of Verona, CEPR, BREAD).

• March 2007, Collective model and Labour supply, lectures held by Martin Browning, Ente Einaudi, Rome.

• Fall 2006, Course on Economic Development, Kaushik Basu, Cornell University, USA.

• Fall 2006, Course on Advanced Topics in Stata, Kerry L. Papps, CISER Consultant, Cornell University, USA.

• July 2006, Summer school in Development Economics, Pranab Bardhan and Dilip Mookherjee, Alba di Canazei (University of Verona).

• November – December 2005, Course on Institutions and Economic Development, Eliana La Ferrara, Ph.D. in Economics, Bocconi University.

• September 2005, Econometric Courses for Ph.D. students, CIDE, Bertinoro.

• July 2005, Summer school in “Explaining the emergence and design of  institutions, norms and contracts. the contribution of evolutionary  and behavioural game theory”, CIFREM Summer School - Trento; Ken Binmore, Jörgen Weibull, Herbert Gintis, Simon Gächter, Lorenzo Sacconi.


• Italian: mother tongue
• English: fluent
• German: basic

Statistical software

• GiveWin
• Gauss


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