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Inglehart, Ronald

Ronald Inglehart is the Lowenstein Professor of Political Science and a research professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.  He is also co-director of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Inglehart helped found the Euro-Barometer surveys and directs the World Values Survey, which has surveyed representative national samples of the publics of 97 countries containing almost 90 percent of the world’s population.  His research deals with changing belief systems and their impact on social and political change. 

His most recent books are (with Pippa Norris) Sacred and Secular:  the Secularization Thesis Revisited 2nd ed., (Cambridge University Press, 2011); (with Pippa Norris) Cosmopolitan Communications:  Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World (Cambridge University Press, 2009); (with Christian Haerpfer, Patrick Bernhagen and Christian Welzel) Democratization (Oxford University Press, 2009); (with Christian Welzel) Modernization, Cultural Change and Democracy:  The Human Development Sequence (Cambridge University Press, 2005); and (with Pippa Norris) Rising Tide:  Gender Equality in Global Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2003).  He also co-edited Human Beliefs and Values:  A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook based on the 1999-2002 Values Surveys (Mexico City:  Siglo XXI, 2004) and Changing Values and Beliefs in 85 Countries: Trends from the Values Surveys (Brill, 2008).  Author of more than 225 publications, his books have been translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Croatian,  Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Urdu, Indonesian and Vietnamese.  He is a member of the editorial boards of eight scholarly journals.  

He has been a visiting professor or visiting scholar in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Nigeria and New Zealand, and has served as a consultant to the U.S. State Department and the European Union.  He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Academy of Social and Political Science and has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and will receive an honorary doctorate from the Free University of Brussels in May 2010.  

For more information, see the World Values Survey website: http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org

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