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Costa-i-Font, Joan

Dr Costa-Font's (Joan's) teaching and research falls broadly at the borders of economics and social science. Generally addresses questions on designing European welfare states and social policies (especially in the health sector), although his broader research interests lie in understanding how social incentives (culture, identity, status, self-image, altruism) influence individual and collective behavior as well as the welfare effects of institutional arrangements accommodating preference heterogeneity (primarily regional devolution as well as the federalisation of Europe).

Joan holds three undergraduate degrees in Economics (Barcelona, 1996), Law and Political Science, a master's degree (MSc LSE, with distinction), a PhD in Economics (2000), and he was awarded a Marie Curie postdoctoral Fellowship based at LSE (2001). Currently he works as a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate professor with tenure in the US) in Political Economy at the LSE, a joint appointment with the Department of Social Policy and European Institute and he is associated to LSE Healthand the Political Science and Political Economy group . Joan externally collaborates as a network research fellow with CESifo (Munich) and FEDEA , and has held teaching or research posts at the University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, Oxford University, the University of Munich, and the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City.

His main academic responsibilities include being stream convener of the MPA public and social policy, co-editing the journal Applied Economics, Perspectives and Policy , the LEQS Discussion Paper Series and has assisted the editing of a range of academic journals in his areas of specialism including being a special issue editor of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy and the CESIfo Economic Studies among other journals.

Some of his work has been awarded major research awards and has been published in leading journals in economics and social science. Currently, Joan is working on two main projects on the effects of devolution on the performance of European health systems and effect of identity and other social constraints in shaping preferences for health, insurance and redistribution.

Main Areas of Supervision

Economics of social policy – health and ageing
Political economy - welfare state design
Social Economics – identity, altruism, culture.

Edited Books

"Edward Elgar Companion to Health Policy" (eds). (with McGuire, A), 2011.

"Financing Long Term Care in Europe: institutions, markets and models" (eds) (with Courbage, C), Palgrave, 2011.

 "Reforming Long Term care in Europe" (eds). Wiley/Blackwell, 2011.

"The Economics of Health Technologies"  (eds) (with Courbage, C and McGuire, A) Oxford University Press, 2009.

Recent journal articles

"Family Ties and the Crowding Out of Long Term Care Insurance". Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2010, 26(4): 691-712.

"Ageing, health, and health care" (with Breyer, F and Felder, S). Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2010, 26(4): 674-90.


"Biases in the healthcare luxury good hypothesis?: a meta-regression analysis. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, series A" (with Gemmill, M and Rubert, G), 2011, 174 (1). pp. 95-107.

"Decomposing cross-country differences in levels of obesity and overweight: does the social environment matter?" (with Gil, J and Fabbri, D). Social Science and Medicine , 2010, 70(8) : 1185-1193.

"Compulsory Language Educational Policies and Identity Formation" (with Irma Clots Figueres, Oriol Aspachs and Paolo Masella), Journal of the European Economic Association , papers & proceedings, 2008, 6(2-3): 434-444. 

"The Impact of Decentralization and Inter-territorial Interactions on Spanish Health Expenditure," (with Francesco Moscone). Empirical Economics , 2008, 34(1): 167-184.

"Competition in off-patent drug markets: Issues, regulation and evidence," (with Panos Kanavos and Liz Seeley). Economic Policy , 2008, 23(55): 497–538.

"Public Health Expenditure and Spatial Interactions in a Decentralized National Health System," (with Jordi Pons). Health Economics , 2007, 16(3): 291 – 306.

"In Search of a Corrected Prescription Drug Elasticity Estimate: A Meta-Regression Approach," (with Marin Gemmill and Alistair McGuire). Health Economics , 2007, 16(6):627-643.

For a detailed list of publications, please see Joan's LSE Health and Social Care Profile.


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