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Wollebaeck, D., Selle, P. (2004). The Role of Women in the Transformation of the Organizational Society in Norway. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 33 (3), 120S-144S.

Norway has a reputation of extensive equality between the sexes, and substantial progress has been made in this direction over the past decades. To what extent are these pervasive changes reflected in changing female participation patterns and, subsequently, organizational change? Using unique, quantitative, historical data, we conclude that female representation in voluntary associations has increased substantially within growing segments of the sector. However, women are still underrepresented in leading positions, and new associations are most frequently founded by men. Furthermore, all-female organizations, historically sources of extensive political and ideological influence, are rapidly disappearing.


Wollebæk, Dag

Selle, Per

Per Selle has his degree in political Science from the Department of Comparative Politics at the Universitety of Bergen 1986. He has his main position at the Department of Comparative Politics.

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