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European Commission

The European Commission represents the general interest of the EU and is the driving force in proposing legislation (to Parliament and the Council), administering and implementing EU policies, enforcing EU law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and negotiating in the international arena.

ec.europa.eu is the official website of the European Commission and part of Europa – the official EU website. The website provides general information in the 23 official EU languages whenever possible. However some information is not available in all those languages, as explained in Europa's website language policy.

The Commission's website aims to provide:

  • information on the members, duties and organisation of the European Commission
  • information on the latest developments in EU affairs
  • the latest official press releases, photos and live TV coverage of EU affairs
  • access to public policy consultations
  • money - contracts and grants
  • information on how to contact and visit the Commission.

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