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Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK)

The Laboratorio di Economia dell’Innovazione Franco Momigliano (LEI) was set up in 1992 as a University of Turin, Department of Economics Cognetti de Martiis research unit. It was named after Professor Franco Momigliano, in memory of his pioneering work on the economics of technological change. Since 2008, LEI’s research activities have been organized within the new Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK) supported by Collegio Carlo Alberto.

BRICK specializes in the economics and policy of the generation, introduction, imitation, adaptation, transfer and diffusion of new knowledge, innovation and technological change. Our focus currently embraces the determinants and the effects of technological change in firms, regions, industries and countries, including the economic analysis of such institutions as intellectual property rights, universities and public research centres.

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