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Happiness, Creativity and Innovation

The conference "Crisis, innovatgion, and transition" will take place University of Paris Ouest, Nanterre, La Défense, on October 1-3, 2014. The deadline for paper submission is March 20, 2014. A special session organized by Francis Munier and Zeting Liu will be devoted to "Happiness, Creativity and Innovation".


In a period of deep industrial as well as financial crisis, innovation and firms restructuring is a major challenge to economics and social sciences. The aim of the conference is the identification of renewed frameworks and models as well as major propositions of structural, technological and institutional change to renew the toolbox in use in economics and management sciences. This broad stake can be taken theoretically, applied to different industries, regions or countries. Innovation Forum VI will pay a special attention to transition countries.

The conference provides a forum for discussion to scholars from a variety of disciplines ranging from industrial economics, innovation economics, economic geography, management science, legal studies, network theory and labour economics.

Call for papers

We invite both theoretical and empirical contributions in a wide range of topics such as:

  • corporate governance and performance,
  • business groups, restructuring and employment,
  • entrepreneurship and job creation,
  • production processes reorganization,
  • firms R&D strategies,
  • business organization and innovation,
  • environment as a driver of innovation,
  • geographical dimension of innovation,
  • industrial policies and transition,
  • science and technology policy,
  • entrepreneurship and local development.

Special session on Happiness, Creativity and Innovation

A response to the crisis would lead to the implementation of a vibrant political based on innovation and creativity ... but also happiness. The first assertion is now well recognized, even it is clear that in practice it remains invisible or at best inadequate, particularly in Europe. We consider an alternative route, which is needed to further affirm the social and economic importance of innovation and creativity: show its role and impact in the form of a mutual dependence on the happiness of individuals and societies. This issue will be a session where contributors can present research according to items like for instance: the relationship between innovativeness and happiness, happiness and creative city, the impact of new technologies on the well-being of individuals, happiness at work and economic performance of the company, etc.

Organisers :

Francis Munier, Beta, Université de Strasbourg

Zeting Liu, Grei, ULCO/Clerse-UMR8019, Université Lille Nord de France, RRI

Proposals for special sessions (4 papers or abstract) are welcome. They should concern RRI usual topics, special approach or a specific point in connection with the forum. Please contact Nadine Levratto ([email protected]) who will tranfer the proposal to the organising Committee.  
Deadline : 20 March 2014
Final decision : 30 April

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University of Paris Ouest, Nanterre, La Défense

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