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Economics and Psychology

Call for papers

The Center for Emotional Economics at the University of Mainz organizes a small workshop on economics and psychology in the context of the lectures by Andrew Caplin (NYU). The workshop and lectures take place on 28 and 29 June 2010. Both the lectures and the workshop are public and everybody is welcome to participate.

The organizers welcome submissions in all fields of behavioural economics understood in a broad sense. The Center can finance accommodation for presenters of papers. Participants have to cover their own travel expenses. 

Please submit your paper to [email protected] by 31 May 2010. Please indicate your day of arrival and departure such that we can book accommodation. Acceptance notification will be sent by 4 June.

The Center for Emotional Economics

The Center for Emotional Economics encourages, facilitates and finances interactions between researchers from economics, psychology and from all other disciplines who are interested in the role of emotions in decision making. Decisions are understood both in a typical economic but also in a much wider sense. Generally speaking, researchers connected to the Center would be happy to study the role of emotions in life - as long as the research satisfies the rigour of modern economic analysis.

The Center is very young at this point (October 2009) - one could say it is in the process of being born (and this web site is therefore under construction and without any design). It is the outcome of long discussions which started in October 2008 between James Hillis, Department of Psychology at the University of Glasgow and Klaus Wälde, at that time of the Department of Economics at the University of Glasgow. The Center is now at the University of Mainz and is financed through an initial endowment by the University of Mainz for the next five years. The University of Mainz also gave Klaus Wälde a five-year research position at the Gutenberg Forschungskolleg starting in May 2009. Without this research position, the Center would never have started its activities.

The activities of the Center at this point include


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