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Bratislava Workshop on Institutional Analysis

Organized by: Ronald Coase Institute University of Economics in Bratislava Virtual Scientific Laboratories Tatra Banka Foundation May 10-15, 2009 Bratislava, Slovakia




Attend this workshop to

  • Learn more about institutional analysis 
  • Present your current research and receive comments from
         established scholars
  • Become part of a worldwide network of institutional scholars.

Call for papers

Apply by February 16, 2009

Who is eligible?

  • Postdoctoral social scientists - early in their careers
  • Advanced graduate students - in economics, political science, and
         other social sciences
    Participants will be selected on the basis of their current research abstracts.  Admission is strictly limited, and the pace is intense. Participants must attend all sessions and give as well as receive feedback.

As a participant, you will

     Hear established scholars discuss their strategies to formulate
       research questions, design projects, and draw important and
       practical conclusions. 
    Make two presentations of your own research:
       (1) in a small group, receiving faculty guidance
       (2) after revisions, to the entire workshop, with discussion following.
    Network through close, informal contacts with faculty and workshop
       alumni from 55 countries who have an enduring interest in institutional

How to apply (please read carefully and follow instructions precisely)

E-mail a one-page abstract - 350 words maximum - of a current research project of yours, plus a one-page curriculum vitae, to
              [email protected]
Do this before the deadline February 16, 2009. Work already published is not eligible.

At the top of your one-page abstract, list the title, your name, and the number of words in the abstract.  Any co-authors must be listed here.  (At most 1 person per research project can be accepted.)  Abstracts will be judged on the clarity and importance of the research question, and on their institutional focus.  Please do not submit any longer documents, as they will not be read.

On your one-page CV, include your current professional status and the academic degrees you have received, with university, year, and field of study.  Also include your citizenship, date of birth, and country of residence.  Give as references the names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of two scholars familiar with you and your work.

As e-mail subject line, use Application for 2009 Bratislava Workshop - yyy (where yyy is your surname).  Attach your abstract and CV as Microsoft Word .doc files, using filenames 
yyy abstract.doc and yyy cv.doc (where yyy is your surname).


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