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4th ISRICH Conference on Health Economics


The survival of health care systems remains an outstanding issue in Western countries. How can we deal with a steadily increasing demand for health care due mainly to an aging population while at the same time experiencing tightening financial constraints?

This phenomenon -- also known in France as papy crash, after the phrase papy boom, itself a pun on baby boom -- is already having a noticeable impact on the organization of health care and on those involved in health care systems. Therefore, the main subject of the conference is the sustainability of health care systems under demographic change.

Main questions are: Can the concept of "progress" still be applied to health care systems?
What are innovative ways to support financing an increasing demand given tightening constraints? Should there be more competition or should cooperation be promoted between the different actors in health care systems? How may innovation contribute to the continuity of care? And above all: what does a sustainable health care system mean? What are the instruments to measure these changes?

The key themes of the 4th ISRICH conference are:

  • How do the demographic changes (aging of the population) affect health care
  • systems and the work of health professionals?
  • What does a sustainable health care system really mean?
  • How can we measure performance, effectiveness and sustainability of the health care system as well as of its organizations?
  • How are new innovation and new knowledge created in health care systems and how do they reach patients?

Presentation and themes

Invitation to the conference is based on an extended abstract of around 1000 words. The abstract must include information on the relevant theories being tested, methodology, data, and (expected) results.
Extended abstracts must provide a concise title, author details, mailing address, telephone numbers and e-mail address.
Send abstracts to: [email protected] before march 31th, 2010.

Publication of the conference papers

Publication of Conference Papers:
The best papers of the 4th conference will be published in a special issue of the international review “Journal of Social Management”.


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