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Post doc grant at the Universitat de Barcelona


Post-doc grant

Application deadline: February 15, 2010

Type of Position: Lecturer / Postdoc
JEL Classification(s): E, F, H, K, O, R, Z
Type of Institution: University / College
Institution: Universitat de Barcelona

Contact: Peter Claeys
Grup AQR IREA, Universitat de Barcelona
[email protected]


The Grup AQR-IREA is specialised in applied economics in the field of labour markets, regional economics, innovation, institutional development, and fiscal policy. The department is currently setting up projects for different calls by the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Science, and the regional government of Catalunya. More information on our activities can be found at: www.ub.edu/irea.

We welcome applications of PhDs having finished (after 2007), or near finishing (in about 6 months, i.e. before the end of July 2010) their doctoral thesis. We are looking for candidates with an interest in applied or theoretical work in the field of regional economics, innovation, economic growth, institutional economics, fiscal policy, or time series econometrics.

The candidate would need to submit a personal project in one of these fields, and apply for a Juan de la Cierva grant of the Ministry of Science. We would then work out together with him or her, the project, and prepare the necessary documentation for this application. If the application is successful, we can offer
-    a monthly grant
-    the possibility to work at the department for up to three years
-    a focus on research on the project (no teaching loads)
-    freedom to carry out any additional projects.
-    access to all facilities (office, software, hardware, excellent library)
-    possibility to apply for other grants

Important dates : the deadline for applications is February 15th. The outcome of the project evaluation by the Ministery is expected around August. Please contact us by sending your cv, an outline of a project proposal and we will consequently contact you with more information.


Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB)

The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) is an applied economics research centre at the University of Barcelona. Its aim is promote, develop and disseminate economic research, placing particular emphasis on economic policy decisions. The IEB was created in 2001 to continue the work carried out...

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