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PhD Programme
Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research

The Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research (LASER) is an inter-university doctoral school in Economics founded by the Universities of Bergamo, Brescia, Milano and Pavia. The main purpose of LASER is to promote cutting-edge research activities and the circulation of scientific knowledge in Economics. The location of the School fosters the cooperation with companies and institutions interested in the development of advanced university education and qualified research projects.

PhD in Economics

Duration: 3 years

Program Structure
The three-years PhD in Economics program offered by LASER is the result of the merging of three programs previously taught at the Universities of Bergamo, Milano (jointly with Brescia) and Pavia.
For the 2011-2014 years, LASER activities are partially funded by a grant from Fondazione Cariplo


The call for applications is now open! Please visit LASER website for more information: http://www.laser.unimi.it
Applications deadline: August 31, 2011

Selection of applicants follows a two-phase process: evaluation of qualifications and oral examination.
The PhD in Economics intends to select very qualified applicants from Europe and all over the world, especially graduates who have already been exposed to a high-level preparation. The program adopts an extremely strict policy concerning the applicants' selection, setting rigorous admission requirements. Only applicants with strong motivation and knowledge are admitted. A good command of economic mathematics, econometrics, microeconomics and macroeconomics is an important condition for entering the program. An excellent knowledge of English is essential for the attendance of LASER PhD in Economics, since all course are taught in English.

PhD Study Program

The PhD program offered by LASER has a three-year duration and intends to provide an advanced general education in Economics, allowing to form economists with a complete cultural profile and able to successfully pursue different professional and career paths, both in academics as well as in non-academic jobs characterized by high intellectual content and strong international focus. 
The educational activities of the PhD in Economics cover all the important subjects in the economic field: the four universities composing LASER in fact feature many qualified professors, allowing the teaching as well as the development of research and supervision in all advanced and frontier fields. Students will also be encouraged to develop their study, research and thesis-writing in well-defined and determined areas. 
The first year of the doctoral program is mainly dedicated to the attendance of taught courses (lectures and classes) and relative exams. Students also carry out study activities as well as participate in reading groups and workshops, in order to identify the topic which will then become the subject of their doctoral thesis. First-year teaching represents a combination of “core courses” and “field courses”. Core courses cover the traditional areas of modern economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics), while field courses are specialized or thematic courses, offered as electives. The mandatory educational activities, mostly common to the entire class, represent an important element to create a cohesive team of students capable of interacting and cooperating, as well as to build a spirit of group identity. During the first year each student is assigned a tutor. Personal tutors advise students regarding their academic career. 
The second and third years are mainly dedicated to research, conducted either in Italy or abroad, in doctoral programs belonging to structured networks and part of bilateral mobility agreements. Students participate in research seminars, workshops, reading groups and other educational activities; they also attend modules or courses. Each student is assigned a supervisor, who leads the student’s research activity and evaluates the student’s progress. During the third year each student is monitored also by a second supervisor. 
The list of courses that will be offered in the 2011-2012 academic year can be found on the website: www.laser.unimi.it.


University of Milan, Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research (LASER)

The Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research (LASER) is an inter-university doctoral school in Economics founded by the Universities of Bergamo, Brescia, Milano and Pavia. [more]

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