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Fellowship at the University of Bologna: Microcredit as an Action Research Project

University of Bologna with the help of Grameen Bank has been trying to initiate the same model of G. B. in Italy. So, the initiative is to have an Action Research program through a feasibility study and find best practices of Microcredit in the context of Italy and setting up a Grameen Replication model here. The initial effort will be towards reaching the target people who will be the beneficiaries of this project and define poverty from Italian context. We will build an Action Research Program where we will try organizing people through asking specific questions. This research will be conducted among small groups of people. The target people could be migrant, single mothers, young entrepreneurs or people out of jobs etc. We will try to gather individual data on their background, their present status, family, wealth, interest, future plans. Then we will put together all these information in a database, which will provide us an easy access to those people who will seek microcredit.


University of Bologna, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1983 as a consequence of the union between the institute of economics at the faculty of economics and the institute of economics at the faculty of political sciences. It is currently the largest department of economics in Italy and their members...

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