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Perceptions and Public Policies. Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Beliefs and perceptions play an important role in economic decisions and have received much attention recently by policy-makers in many countries and by economic literature in a variety of fields, from health and education to social choice and to crime. Understanding and exploiting the nexus of rational and behavioural responses to incentives can benefit governments in their pursuit of public policy objectives. This special issue will present the most recent advances in theoretical and empirical work on the effect of beliefs and perceptions on economic choices and how they can be effectively utilized in welfare-improving policies.

We encourage submissions of theoretical and empirical papers, including lab and field experiment research, with focus on at least one of the following areas:

  1. Consumer perceptions and market regulations or consumer protection policies
  2. Perceptions in business decisions
  3. Educational choices by students or parents and educational systems
  4. Family decisions and family policies
  5. Pension choices and pension systems
  6. Criminal behaviour and law
  7. Perceptions and macroeconomic outcomes

The editors will consider suggestions for other relevant topics, provided that they fall within the remit of the special issue. All contributions will go through a peer review process. To be considered for publication, the manuscripts should be submitted via the journal website and must be received by 1 February 2019. To speed up the revision process, we will apply a one-revision policy. All publication decisions will be made after no more than one revision. Please conform to the standard guidelines for submission to JEBO.

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