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14th Conference of the European Sociological Association

In the context of the 14th Conference of the European Sociological Association to be held in Manchester, UK, on August 20-23, 2019, two sessions will be devoted to social capital-related topics. The deadline for submission is February 1, 2019.

Sociology and consumption

Coordinators: Terhi-Anna Wilska, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, Terhi-anna.wilska[at]jyu.fi
Stefan Wahlen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Stefan.wahlen[at]wur.nl
Arne Dulsrud, Aakershus University College, Norway, arne.dulsrud[at]sifo.hioa.no
The RN Sociology of Consumption invites contributions to the programme that explore consumption from different perspectives, reflect on their ambiguities and trouble its boundaries. As political anxieties over borders and migration have recently intensified, questions of cultural difference, participation and consumption have become freighted. Yet sociological research suggests many of these frustrations arise from inequality, problems accessing the goods and services which allow full participation in society, and crisis and transformation in the provisioning of collective consumption – housing, transportation, energy, care and education. Consumption is concerned with a broad range of these contemporary challenges, from the patterns of cultural difference, distinction and identity to the politics of alternative forms of provisioning goods and services such as cooperatives and the ‘sharing economy’. In reconfiguring capitalism in the wake of the crisis, new ways of organising the economy call require the careful consideration of consumption and the needs of citizens, imagination in meeting these needs, and a sober re-evaluation of the ideological project of consumer choice. The RN Sociology of Consumption draws on a theoretically plural and empirically diverse tradition of research. We invite papers that address various aspects of the sociology of consumption.
Possible themes include but are not limited to:
• RN05_a - Sociology of Consumption (Open Session)
• RN05_b - Collaborative consumption and sharing economies
• RN05_c - Communication campaigns and marketing strategies to motivate sustainable lifestyle
• RN05_d - Compulsive consumption
• RN05_e - Conspicuous consumption
• RN05_f - Consumption and the body
• RN05_g - Consumption and social capital
• RN05_h - Consumption inequalities
• RN05_i - Cultural stratification
• RN05_ j - Digitalisation and consumption
• RN05_k - Ethical and political consumption
• RN05_l - Food and consumption
• RN05_m - Gender and consumption
• RN05_n - Generations and consumption
• RN05_ o - Leisure and consumption
• RN05_p - Markets of consumption
• RN05_q - Material culture
• RN05_r - Politics of distinction
• RN05_s - Prosumption

Society and sport

Coordinators: Honorata Jakubowska, Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ, Poland,
Alessandro Porrovecchio, University of the Littoral Opal Coast, France,
Sport plays an important role in the processes of social inclusion, as well as social exclusion. It has a long history of uniting people, of overcoming differences, of sharing norms and values. It gives opportunities to support and acknowledge the marginalized individuals and groups of people and is perceived as a tool for social change and identity building, enabling mobility and belonging. At the same time, sport is said to divide; to celebrate differences and exclude different categories of people, athletes and fans. Although some of the “old” barriers (e.g. masculine domination in sports organisations, finances differences) in sports’ equal participation have not yet been removed, the political and socio-cultural situation and changes in Europe and beyond provide some new contexts and cases to the sociological analysis of sport. Starting from this premise, we invite to submit presentation proposals on the topics: • RN28_a - Society and Sports (Open Session)
• RN28_b - Sport and national identity
• RN28_c - Gender and sport participation
• RN28_d - Race, ethnicity and sport participation
• RN28_e - (Forced) Migration and sport
• RN28_f - Physical activities and inequalities
• RN28_g - Sport and social capital: the social significance of sports
• RN28_h - Sport as a spectacle and fan cultures
• RN28_i - Mass participation sports events
• RN28_ j - Physical cultures and health
• RN28_k - Physical cultures and embodiment
• RN28_l - Sport, injury/illness and identity
• RN28_m - Elite sports cultures: fostering inclusivity or exclusivity
• RN28_n - Quantitative and qualitative research in sport and physical activities

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