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The website

Social Capital Gateway (SCG) is a web site publishing materials for the study of social capital and related topics in a multidisciplinary perspective.

Social capital is intended here in its broadest sense, as un umbrella term encompassing all the aspects of social life that facilitate cooperation for mutual benefit. Topics covered by SCG include - but are not limited to - social interactions, social participation, civicness, social norms, trust, reciprocity, altruism, cooperation, collective action, political participation and the relationships between these phenomena and well-being, both at the micro and the macro level.

SCG is mainly targeted at:

  1. scholars who want to keep themselves posted on the frontier of the scientific debate in the field.
  2. Researchers needing references and hints for their work.
  3. Graduate and undergraduate students who are dealing with social capital to the purposes of writing their dissertation.

SCG is a personal, non profit, initiative. It is not funded neither by academic nor by private for profit institutions.

The web site provides constantly updated information on calls for papers, upcoming conferences, new publications and research projects, academic job vacancies, and postgraduate programs. A special section is devoted to new PhDs interested in sharing their dissertation on social capital and related topics. The site’s reading list, collecting selected papers from different disciplines partitioned into more than 30 thematic sections, is a particularly valuable tool for researchers and students approaching the topic for the first time.


Within the maintenance of the web site, two weekly newsletters are delivered:

  1. An update on upcoming conferences, calls for papers, publications and other news and events on social capital-related topics.
  2. A report, called NEP-Soc (New Economics Papers on Social Norms & Social Capital), containing information (i.e., title, authors, abstract and link to the full text) on new papers in economics. The report is sponsored by the State University of New York within the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) project. The NEP-Soc archive is available here. It is sponsored by EconPapers abd hosted by the Swedish Business School at Örebro University.

Thanks to the interaction stimulated through the newsletters, the Social Capital Gateway has favoured the aggregation of a constantly growing community of researchers, teachers, and practitioners, who cooperate with the initiative by sharing their papers and information.


From May 2010, the opportunities of networking and interaction have been enhanced through the establishment of a Facebook page, where readers are able to post links and articles on the wall, as well as start discussions and call for collaborations on their research topics.

The network

This web site was born as a by-product of my personal research activity, and of course it cannot be exhaustive. Thus I invite all visitors to keep me informed on their work and to submit any kind of research material for publication on this site. Scholars involved in the organisation of conferences and other initiatives related to social capital are invited to let me know about these activities. I hope to contribute in giving them further publicity through this site.

Fabio Sabatini