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Inequalities and social capital

Essential readings

Alesina, A., La Ferrara, E. (2006). Who Trusts Others? Journal of Public Economics 85, 207–234

Both individual experiences and community characteristics influence how much people trust each...

Costa, D., Kahn, M. (2003). Cowards and Heroes: Group Loyalty in the American Civil War. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 118 (2): 519-548

What motivated men to risk death in the most horrific war in U.S. history when pay was low and...

Important readings

Tesei, A. (2012). Racial Fragmentation, Income Inequality and Social Capital: New Evidence from the US

Existing studies of social capital formation in US metropolitan areas have found that social...

Pervaiz, Z., Chaudhary A R, van Staveren, I. (2013). Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Cohesion. ISD Working Paper 2013-1.

This study aims to investigate the role of diversity (ethnic, linguistic and religious) and social...

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