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Davis, John B.

John B. Davis is Professor of Economics at Marquette University and Professor and Chair of History and Philosophy of Economics at University of Amsterdam. He is author of Keynes’s Philosophical Development (Cambridge, 1994), The Theory of the Individual in Economics (Routledge, 2003),...

De Blasio, Guido

Guido De Blasio, economista nell'Area ricerca economica della Banca d'Italia, ha lavorato per la Banca mondiale e il Fondo monetario internazionale e pubblicato su temi di economia dello sviluppo, mercato del lavoro, economia urbana e scienze regionali.

de Figueiredo, Lizia

Professora Adjunta do Departamento de Ciências Econômicas da UFMG. Contato Enviar mensagem tel.: (31) 3409-7085 fax.: (31) 3409-7203 endereço: Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627 / Cedeplar-FACE-UFMG / Belo Horizonte, MG / 31270-901 Curriculum vitae Consulta ao Currículo...

De Fraja, Gianni

Gianni De Fraja is Professor of Economics at the University of Nottingham and Professor of Public Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

De Silva, Mary

Mary De Silva is a Lecturer in Epidemiology working in global mental health. She read Biological Anthropology at Cambridge (BA, 1999), and Epidemiology at LSHTM (MSc, 2000). She then worked as a Research Fellow at LSHTM setting up the UK Directory of Clinical Databases (DoCDat), a web based...

Degli Antoni, Giacomo

Giacomo Degli Antoni is Assistant Professor (RTD) in Economics at University of Milano Bicocca – Faculty of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Social Research. His research interests include Social Capital, Social Norms, Nonprofit, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Economics,...

Demange, Gabrielle

Publications Books Finance and the Economic of Uncertainty with Guy Laroque, Blackwell, 2006, 281 p. Group Formation in Economics: Networks, Clubs and Coalitions, Editeurs Demange G. and Wooders M., Cambridge University Press, 2005, 480 p. Finance et économie de l'incertain,...

Demir, Melikşah

Dr. Demir’s main research focuses on the relationship between friendship quality and happiness in different age groups (e.g., emerging adults). Dr. Demir is also interested in understanding how certain best friendships become an attachment bond over the years. His other research interests...

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