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Capitale sociale e cooperazione

Letture essenziali

Letture importanti

Greif, A., Tabellini, G. (2012). The Clan and the City: Sustaining Cooperation in China and Europe

Over the last millennium, the clan and the city have been the locus of cooperation in China and...

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Benabou, R., Tirole, J. (2011). Identity, Morals and Taboos: Beliefs as Assets. Quarterly Journal of Economics, in press.

We develop a theory of moral behavior, individual and collective, based on a general model of...

Burchardi, K., Hassan, T. (2011). The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification. CEPR Discussion Paper DP8470

We use the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to identify a causal effect of social ties on regional...

Charness, G., Rustichini, A. (2010). Gender differences in cooperation with group membership

We study experimentally how males and females differ in the way same-gender peers observing their...

Ermisch, J., Gambetta, D. (2011). Do strong family ties inhibit trust? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 75: 365–376.

We provide direct evidence that people with strong family ties have a lower level of trust in...

Frey, B. S., Meier, S. (2004). Pro-social behavior in a natural setting. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 54, 65–88

Empirical evidence is provided for the importance of pro-social behavior of individuals in an...

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