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Batjargal, B. (2007). Comparative Social Capital: Networks of Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists in China and Russia. Management and Organization Review 3 (3), 397–419

I compare networks of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in China and Russia by examining professional social networks of software entrepreneurs and private equity investors from the perspectives of institutional theory and culture paradigm. In the empirical study, I draw on survey data from Beijing and Moscow based on interviews of 159 software entrepreneurs and 124 venture capital decisions. I found that professional networks of the Chinese software entrepreneurs are smaller, denser and more homogeneous in educational specializations, compared with the networks of Russian entrepreneurs. Furthermore, I found that both ties and interpersonal trust in the referral tie are stronger in China than in Russia.


Batjargal, Bat

Bat Batjargal is Assistant professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, China and Research Associate, at the Davis Center of Harvard University.

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