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Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities/SWPS

Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities/SWPS was founded in 1996 by Andrzej Eliasz, Zbigniew Pietrasiński and Janusz Reykowski, former professors of the Institute of Psychology and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ever since its foundation, the University has been continually growing and developing and now consists of 8 faculties located in five academic centres in Poland (Warsaw, Wrocław, Sopot, Poznań and Katowice). With its comprehensive 20 study programmes as well as over 13.500 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students SWPS is one of the largest non-public university-level institution in Poland.

SWPS offers a wide range of academic degree courses leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in major academic disciplines in social sciences and humanities. Our students can choose from among 20 study programmes, including two programmes exclusively in English, all offered in conformity with principles set up by the Bologna Process.

SWPS is committed to the highest academic standards as well as to transfer of practical knowledge and skills. High quality of study programmes and research performance has been confirmed by the State Accreditation Commission (PKA), various national and international scientific awards and research grants as well as by continuously very first position in national rankings of HEI in the field of social sciences.

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