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Yamamura, E. (2009). Dynamics of socialnext term trust and human previous termcapitalnext term in the learning process: The case of the Japan garment cluster in the period 1968–2005. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 72 (1), 377-389

This paper examined the ways and the extent to which human capital and social trust are associated with the learning process of a manager in making operations decisions through experience. To this end, using a data set originally and purposively constructed by the author, I investigated the development and transformation of the garment industry cluster region of Kojima, Japan. The major findings through statistical estimations are as follows. (1) In the cluster development stage, the social trust of an enterprise and its manager's experiences in firm operations could be regarded as forming a complementary association. (2) In the stage following cluster development, however, a manager's human capital accumulated through schooling and personal experience, instead of social trust, become complementary.


Yamamura, Eiji

Eiji Yamamura is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics of the Seinan Gaikun University. His main research interests are Socio-economics, Industrial Economics, Sports Economics. Contact details Position: Professor, Seinan Gakuin University. Office address: 6-2-92 Nishijin Sawara-ku...

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