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Schachter, H. L. (2011). Reflections on Political Engagement and Voluntary Association Governance. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 40 (4), 703-719.

This article explores the nexus between political engagement and voluntary association member participation with the intention of strengthening the ability of nonprofit organizations to prepare people for active citizenship roles. The article examines the reports of participation declines made my two literatures and some of their suggestions for change. It critiques these suggestions but builds on those of Skocpol and Berry to advocate improving voluntary organization governance by positing democratic governance as a prerequisite for federal tax deductible status.


Schachter, Laura Hindy

Anyone who studies public administration and management knows Hindy Lauer Schachter, PhD, a professor in NJIT’s School of Management, as the frequent contributor to that field’s premier academic journal--Public Administration Review. In January 2009 Schachter became even better...

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