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Aslam, A., Corrado, L. (2007). No Man is an Island, the Inter-personal Determinants of Regional Well-Being in Europe. Cambridge Working Papers in Economics n. 0717

There is a strong need to complement the analysis of social well-being at the European regional level to supplement existing, predominantly economic analysis. This work extends the measurement of well-being across the EU-15 regions in several ways. First, we assess the determinants of well-being using a multilevel modelling approach using data at the national, regional and individual levels. Second, we have extended the model to account for group effects, as well as intrinsic socio-demographic indicators and higher-level exogenous contextual factors. Empirical findings support the idea that well-being is strongly dependent both on group effects and on more specific individual characteristics. We find that there is some evidence of greater regional effects relative to national effect.


Aslam, Aquib

Aquib Aslam is PhD student at the Department of Economics of the University of Cambridge. His primary research interest is Construction and Estimation of DSGE Models of Monetary Transmission. His areas of interest are acroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Quantitative Methods, Applied Econometrics.

Corrado, Luisa

Luisa Corrado is Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Research Fellow at the Centre for International Macroeconomics and Finance, University of Cambridge.

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