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University of Zurich, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Zurich is a leading European research center that represents a wide range of research interests in all areas of economics, including econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and neuroeconomics. The research conducted at the department has an interdisciplinary focus, combining modern economics with elements from history, political science, psychology, biology, and sociology. In addition, the department offers a modern economics curriculum at the undergraduate level and two PhD programs (general economics and neuroeconomics).

The Department of Economics has attained international excellence in several areas. It hosts two research centers funded by Advanced Investigator Grants from the European Research Council. The center for "Engineering Social and Economic Institutions" bridges the modern theory of mechanism design with laboratory methods to improve social, political, and economic institutions. The center for "Institutions, Policy, and Culture in the Development Process" studies issues in macroeconomics, growth, globalization, and technological change, with particular emphasis on the economic development of China.

In addition to its world-renowned laboratory for experimental and behavioral economics, the Department recently established the Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research. This laboratory combines cutting-edge brain imaging technologies with non-invasive brain stimulation, neuropharmacology, and computational modeling to explore the biological mechanisms that underlie economic decision making.

The Department of Economics hosts the editorial offices of the Journal of the European Economic Association, Experimental Economics, and Kyklos. In addition, members of the department serve on various editorial boards, have been elected officers of international economic associations (including the European Economic Association and the Economic Science Association), and are the recipients of international prizes, fellowships, and honorary doctorates.

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