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Franco Modigliani Research Fellowships in Economics and Finance

The Associazione Borsisti Marco Fanno awards a Research Fellowship in Economics and Finance dedicated to the memory of Franco Modigliani
and aimed to young researchers based in non-Italian institutions who wish to work in an Italian university. The competition for the award will be
based on the candidates’ curriculum, papers and publications. The competition for this Research Fellowship is open to young candidates
of all nationalities who (i) completed or are about to complete a Ph.D. in economics and finance in a non-Italian university, (ii) are currently performing their research and teaching activity in a non-Italian institution, and (iii) wish to perform their future activity in an Italian university.


Banca d'Italia

La Banca d’Italia è la banca centrale della Repubblica italiana ed è parte del Sistema europeo di banche centrali (SEBC) e dell'Eurosistema. E’ un istituto di diritto pubblico. Persegue finalità d’interesse generale nel settore monetario e finanziario:...

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