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European Journal of Political Economy: Call for Papers for a Special Issue : On Institutions and Well-being

Guest Editors

Toke Aidt,
University of Cambridge

Daniel Bennett,
Patrick Henry College,

Boris Nikolaev,
Oxford College of Emory University,

The relationship between institutions and well-being is a topic of growing interest to academics and policymakers. Much of the attention in the economics literature has been on the role that various types of institutions (e.g., economic, informal, legal, political and social) exert on economic development and growth. However, there is an emerging understanding that societal well-being must be understood in a much broader context and make reference to a number of inter-related socio-economic outcomes besides aggregate income.

The purpose of this special issue is to advance the literature through a collection of papers on under-researched topics that fall under the rubric of institutions and well-being. Topics of particular interest – from a theoretical, experimental, and empirical perspective – include (but are not restricted to) papers on how institutional arrangements shape important quality of life metrics such as:

  • Economic Development / Growth / Adjusted GDP (Genuine investment)
  • Educational / Environmental / Health Outcomes
  • Entrepreneurship / Social Capital
  • Inequality / Mobility / Poverty
  • Happiness / Subjective Well-being

Papers for the special issue must be submitted online through the Journal’s webpage and is open to the academic community at large.

A generous grant from the Charles Koch Foundation enables us to offer an honorarium of $1000 per paper accepted for the special issue. Since our goal is to promote a public dialogue on the topic, all papers will be published open access.

The following is a tentative schedule for the proposed special issue:

  • Submission deadline for papers for the special issue: July 1, 2015.

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