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Trentacosti, F. (2011). Social Capital, Happiness and Social Networking Sites. Surfing Alone: do countries with higher numbers of users in online communities have higher happiness levels? Msc Dissertation in Development Economics, University of Sussex

Fabrizio Trentacosti MSc Development Economics – University of Sussex Supervisor: Dr. Julie Litchfield September 2011 Abstract This dissertation work if focused on the effects of social networking sites on social capital and well-being. In particular, the effects of these services are studied on a macro level with a panel dataset of 50 countries over 7 years from 2004 to 2010. Their popularity is measured using new data which is taken from Google services and then compiled and validated; the coefficients turn out to be negative with a 10% increase in their popularity associated with a 0.8% decrease in subjective well-being on average and ceteris paribus. Information on the author I recently graduated from the University of Sussex with an MSc in Development Economics and I...


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