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Social capital and poverty

Essential readings

Harriss, J. (2002). Depoliticizing Development: the World Bank and social capital. London: Anthem Press.

A unique investigation into the notion of social capital, analysing its misappropriation in...

Important readings

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Reading list archive

Cleaver, F. (2005). The inequality of social capital and the reproduction of chronic poverty. World Development 33 (6), 893-906

This paper draws on ethnographic research in Tanzania to question ideas inherent to mainstream...

Fafchamps, M. (2006). Development and social capital. Journal of Development Studies 42 (7), 1180-1198

This paper examines social capital and its relation with economic development. We focus on the role...

Frijters, P. (2013). An Economic Theory of Greed, Love, Groups, and Networks. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Why are people loyal? How do groups form and how do they create incentives for their members to...

Mondal, A. H. (2001). Social capital formation: The role of NGO rural development programs in Bangladesh. Policy Sciences 33, 459-475.

Social capital can be generated by the expectations of the rural poor who are victimized by...

Small, M. L. (2004). Villa Victoria: The Transformation of Social Capital in a Boston Barrio. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Villa Victoria examines how of a group of low-income Puerto Rican migrants with little formal...

Small, M. L. (2009). Unanticiped Games: Origins of Network Inequality in Everyday Life. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Social capital theorists have shown that some people do better than others in part because they...

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